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Media Center Automation

Control Media Center from Interface and Display plug-ins as well as from JScript of Metamorphis skins.

Media Center Command Line Parameters

Control Media Center from The Command Line.

Media Center windows messages

Control Media Center by posting windows messages. The list of messages is here.

Media Center expression language

Package Files

Package Files: Learn how to create MJP files for installing plug-ins.

Mini-me (Mini View) skins SDK (Metamorphis)

Learn how to create a mini-me skin for Media Center

MEGA-ME (Standard View) skins SDK (MEGAmorphis)

Learn how to create a MEGA-ME skin for Media Center

Track Info template SDK

Customize look and feel of Track Info page.

Display plug-in SDK

Create new Display plug-ins

Interface plug-in SDK

Control Media Center from your own plug-in, no limits, get access to MJ library and more.

If you create a Registry Key called "Enabled", it will be reported on the System Info. This is useful for plugins that are Active but turned off.

Input (playback) plug-in SDK

These plug-ins allow Media Center to extend its file format support.

DSP plug-in SDK

These plug-in allow Media Center to enhance audio quality

Encoder plug-in SDK

Expand Media Jukebox ability to create files in different formats.

Developing plugins in Visual Studio 2005 .NET

Tips and Tricks for developing a plugin in Visual Studio 2005 .NET