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==Mini-me (Mini View) skins SDK (Metamorphis)==
==Mini-me (Mini View) skins SDK (Metamorphis)==
Learn how to create a mini-me skin for Media Center
Learn how to create a mini-me skin for Media Center
* [[Mini View Skinning Tutorial]]
* [[Metamorphis|Metamorphis Skinning Engine]]
* [[Metamorphis|Metamorphis Skinning Engine]]
* [[Metamorphis Scripts]]
* [[Metamorphis Scripts]]

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Media Center Automation

Control Media Center from Interface and Display plug-ins as well as from JScript of Metamorphis skins.

Media Center Command Line Parameters

Media Center Core Commands

  • Media Center Core Commands: You can control Media Center by using the MC Core commands, which provide many more options than the simple command line parameters. These commands can be accessed via the MC12.exe /MCC [Command],[Param] command line control, or directly via Windows Messages (which is usually quicker).

Media Center expression language

Package Files

Package Files: Learn how to create MJP files for installing plug-ins.

Mini-me (Mini View) skins SDK (Metamorphis)

Learn how to create a mini-me skin for Media Center

MEGA-ME (Standard View) skins SDK (MEGAmorphis)

Learn how to create a MEGA-ME skin for Media Center

Track Info template SDK

Customize look and feel of Track Info page.

Display plug-in SDK

Create new Display plug-ins

Interface plug-in SDK

Control Media Center from your own plug-in, no limits, get access to MJ library and more.

If you create a Registry Key called "Enabled", it will be reported on the System Info. This is useful for plugins that are Active but turned off.

Input (playback) plug-in SDK

These plug-ins allow Media Center to extend its file format support.

DSP plug-in SDK

These plug-in allow Media Center to enhance audio quality

Encoder plug-in SDK

Expand Media Jukebox ability to create files in different formats.

Developing plugins in Visual Studio 2005 .NET

Tips and Tricks for developing a plugin in Visual Studio 2005 .NET