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The Options menu provides additional options when burning a Data CD. You can create a folder structure on the CD/DVD, you can save the folder structure, and you can select the naming structure.

CD/DVD Folder Naming Creates sub-folders on Data CDs. The fly-out menu displays the View Schemes you have created under Media Library. (Note: To view all the files on the Data CD at once, enable "Display Files in subfolders” under Tools > Options > CD.
CD/DVD File Naming Select the Naming rule for your files from the list or create your own by selecting "Custom…". An example on using this feature is to

rename the files so that they are in the order you want on your MP3 player. See CD/DVD File Naming.

Save/Load Folder Structure For Data CDs only. Selecting this will save the folder structure you have created, and remember the files you selected to rip into each folder. In this way you can burn a similar CD without having to re-create the folders. Just load the saved folder structure and start burning.