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Beginning at about build 100 of J. River Media Center 14, DLNA support began to be more complete. You will need to set the UPnP Server to "DLNA".

DLNA is a super-set of UPnP.

DLNA Terminology

1. DMS -- Digital Media Server -- where the media resides

2. DMP -- Digital Media Player -- where the media is played

3. DMR -- Digital Media Renderer -- where media is played, but with ability to respond to a controller

4. DMC -- Digital Media Controller -- software control of the renderer -- functions as a remote

UPnP Terminology (similar)

1. A Device (a server)

2. A Renderer (the client)

3. A Control Point (something like a remote control)

Our UPnP Server is a "Device" (#1 above).

More information on UPnP can be found in the article on UPnP Server.

Hardware Known to Work

A list of DLNA TV's

A list of DLNA Boxes


In build 127, MC has a DLNA renderer and controller, in addition to the previously existing DLNA Server (formerly known as the UPnP Server).

The controller can play media from the DLNA server to another copy of MC.

To set it up

1. In MC's Tools/Options/DLNA, turn on the functions you need in each copy of MC. Normally, this would be the controller and server on the machine you're playing from, and the renderer on the machine you're playing to.

2. Start the copy of MC that is running the renderer.

3. Start the copy that is running the controller and server. In a minute or two, it will show any renderers it finds under Playing Now. Click on the one you want. Then drag a file to it. This should play on the remote device.