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MC14 has special settings for some DAC's.

You will need to select 24-bit in DSP Studio. High end DACs seem to like 24-bit data. They don't like the default option "Present 24-bit data in a 32-bit package".

For the best quality playback with high-end DACs, use these settings (this requires Media Center 14.0.15 or later).

Options > Playback > Audio Use WASAPI Output

Inside "Output mode settings..." for WASAPI Checked: Open device for exclusive access Unchecked: Present 24-bit data in a 32-bit package

DSP Studio > Output Format Bitdepth: 24-bit Channels: Source number of channels Sample rate: Depends (with an outboard DAC, try "Source sample rate")

Known to work with Proton USB DAC and Benchmark USB DAC1.