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[[Category:Frequently Asked Questions]]
[[Category:Frequently Asked Questions]]

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Media Center has industry leading support for high-end DACs (Digital to Analog Converters).

Recommended Settings

For the best quality playback with high-end DACs, use these recommended settings:

Options > Playback > Audio > Output Mode

You will need to select the best audio output mode for your device in Options > Audio.

With Media Center 15, use "WASAPI - Event Style".

With older versions of Media Center, use "WASAPI".

Note that some DACs listed below offer native ASIO drivers that may be better than WASAPI.

Options > Playback > Audio > Output mode settings...

Inside "Output mode settings..." for WASAPI, use the following settings:

Open device for exclusive access: Checked

Present 24-bit data in a 32-bit package: Unchecked

Buffering: 100ms (assuming WASAPI - Event Style). If you hear audio hiccups or drop-outs, increase this size.

DSP Studio > Output Format

You will also need to choose the output format using DSP Studio. These settings are recommended:

Bitdepth: 24-bit (most DACS prefer and even require 24-bit input)

Channels: Source number of channels

Sample rate: Depends (with an outboard DAC, try "Source sample rate")

Known to Work With

  • Audio Research DAC8. Install Audio Research's DAC8 drivers (ASIO) on the PC, and select ASIO in MC15, then select the DAC8.
  • PS Audio PWD
  • Arcam RDAC
  • HRT Music Streamer II

More Information

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