Customize the Content Pane Column Headings

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cdeltroct You can customize the content pane columns in a variety of ways:

  • Right-click on any column heading to save the view, make all views like current one, auto-size columns, revert to default columns, or display/hide columns. Drag a column towards the left or right to reorganize.
  • You can drag or double click the two splitter bars (horizontal and vertical) to hide/show various panes.
  • Sorting thumbnails. If you are viewing thumbnails rather than a list, select the Options drop-down menu (upper right corner under the search bar) and select Sorting.
  • To add or remove column headings, and to modify the default sort options, right click on a heading and select Customize Current View. Add, remove, or move items under Columns to Show.
    • Select the list style (automatic, details, thumbnails, or album thumbnails)
    • Add, remove, or move the various sorting rules to be followed.
    • Remember to save these settings either for this view only, for all locations, or for all children by right clicking on a column header.
  • Customize the size of thumbnails and the spacing between them. You can do it on a list-by-list basis. Right-click in the pane and select Customize Current View.
  • Modify the font being used (Tools > Options > Tree & View Settings > Select Font).
  • Show/hide grid lines or tooltips, and enable/disable Auto size columns (Tools > Options > Tree & View Settings).

See Tree & View Settings for other changes, including font style.