Customize List and/or Thumbnail View

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How to open the Customize Current View dialog.

You can customize the look of any List and/or Thumbnail view by right clicking anywhere in the List/Thumbnail Pane or the column Header and selecting Customize Current View.

The available options include:

Columns to Show

  • Add Columns. To add new columns, select Add, then select from the available fields, or insert your custom expression or select from a predefined list. Note: Custom expressions are for advanced users only. The list of expressions is available on the Media Center expression language page.
  • Edit/Remove Columns. Select a field on the left, and press Edit or Remove.
  • Sort Columns. Select a field on the left, and move it up, down or to the top by selecting the relevant button.

View Management

  • Save the View. You can save your customized view by selecting “Save This View”. You can save the View for the current location, for the current location including all subfolders, or for all locations. You can also save your view permanently as a preset view. Select the Preset button, and then Save. Give the View a name, and then you can apply it to any View later.
  • Restore Default View. You can restore the default view by selecting Preset > Load and selecting Audio, Image or Video (assuming you have never edited these presets).

List Style

Thumbnail Customization for View Schemes

Use the Panes drop down menu (upper-left of Action Pane) to display columns or thumbnails of the Scheme's items.

Use the Options drop-down menu (upper right of Action Pane) to display lists or thumbnails (and to sort them) in the content pane below the Action Pane.

Thumbnail Customization for Other Items in the Tree

Right-click in Content Pane > Customize Current View

  • To change the thumbnail size, enter numbers (pixels) in the Thumbnail Size boxes.
  • To modify the spacing between thumbnails, enter numbers (pixels) in the Thumbnail Spacing boxes.
  • To modify the thumbnail captions:
  • Either manually enter rules in the Thumbnail Text box (see Smartlist and Search – Rules and modifiers; or
  • Select the arrow to open a drop-down menu for access to preset rules, some of the most popular rules, and an Advanced menu for all other rules.

Sorting Columns and Thumbnails

To quickly modify the way your List Pane is sorted, click on a column header while in the list pane. You can click on a second column header, and so on, to sort by multiple headers.

Tip: when sorting multiple columns, click them in reverse order. For example, if you want to sort by Artist then Album then Name, click the columns in this order: Name, Album, Artist.

To quickly switch between ascending and descending order, click on a column twice in a row.

To sort Thumbnails (and Lists), right-click in the List/Thumbnail Pane and select Customize Current View.

Add a sorting rule:

  • Select Add under Sorting.
  • Select A-Z for ascending, or Z-A for descending
  • Select from the list of rules.

To remove an existing rule, select it in the Sorting box and then click Remove.

To change the order, select a rule and click Move Up or Move Down.

To save your sorting list as a preset (for use with other lists), select Preset (under Sorting), Save, and give the preset a descriptive name.