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* [[Customize the Content Pane Column Headings]]
* [[Customize the Content Pane Column Headings]]
* [[Sort the Content Pane]]
* [[Sort the Content Pane]]
* [http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=104268.msg725162#msg725162|Sections of the Content Panel and Column Sizing]
* [http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=104268.0 Sections of the Content Panel and Column Sizing]
[[Category:Standard View]]
[[Category:Standard View]]

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The context-sensitive content pane is where you will spend most of your time editing, sorting, and playing files. It displays different things, depending on what you select in the organization tree, and what is selected in the tree, or in the top pane if in Tagging Mode.

See also Navigate the Content Pane.

Selection in Organization Tree Items displayed in Content View
Start The Start web page
Playing Now Top: Visualization or Track Info Pages (you can hide Visualization/Track Info Pages by dragging the splitter bar to the top).

Middle: Horizontal splitter bar, search bar and Location toolbar.
Bottom: list or thumbnails of all currently playing and queued files

Find CD A web page displaying links to on-line shopping.
Artist Info The All Music Guide (AMG) web page most closely matching the currently playing song.
Audio, Images or Video Top: Default View Scheme Panes. Select the upper left drop-down menu to display Panes or any of the items included in the View Scheme. Select the Options drop-down menu to display view this information in tiles, lists, and to determine the way the information is sorted.

Bottom: List of files and customizable column headings if Panes is selected in the drop down menu or if "Show Files at Bottom" is selected in the Options drop-down menu.
If there is a bottom pane with a list, click on the column header to sort by that field, or to customize the view, right-click on the column heading.

Podcasts The Podcast Webpage.

If an item is selected under Podcasts in the tree, this view changes to display the list of available podcasts.

Playlists, Playlist Groups or Smartlists At the top: Information about the selected item, including Notes for individual Playlists and Smartlists.

Middle: Smartlist rules
Bottom: List or thumbnails of files in the selected Playlist/Smartlist.

Drives & Devices Select a Device, and see a list of all files on that device. The content pane changes according to the sub-items selected (My Computer, TV Tuner)
My Computer List or thumbnails of files in the selected directory or folder.
TV Tuner A channel selector and display box.
Services & Plug-ins If the selected service is a store, that store's webpage opens. If the selected service is a server, the content pane displays information relating to that server.