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Imagine a limitless giga-library of lossless audio files that you can play anywhere. That's where JRiver Cloudplay is going.

Upload your own files as playlists

They are uploaded to our server at Amazon S3 whose reliability is excellent. Be sure to use mixed playlists, not single artists or albums.

Play the Cloudplay playlists anywhere

Play Doctor can also combine these files with your local files. Others can do the same.

Radio JRiver uses these files

Radio JRiver programming is built from the files. Thanks for helping.

Cloudplay on Remotes

You can use Cloudplay on JRiver for Android, Panel, and other JRiver Remotesl,124186.msg859868.html#msg859868

High Quality and Legal

All streaming is lossless. JRiver pays the licensing fees.

Listener Supported

Radio JRiver and Cloudplay are Listener Supported. Thanks for your consideration. Give what you can. Your support makes it work.


Please use this thread:,121039.0.html


Enable "Upload to Cloud" in Tools > Options > General > Features . This is enabled by default in later builds of MC25.

Cloudplay is now in the tree on the left, just below Audio, Video, and Images.

1. Click on Cloudplay. Playlists will be displayed on the right.

Radio JRiver buttons are at the top of the Cloudplay Playlist page.

2. Register an account, preferably using the same name you use on the forum.

3. You can then upload mixed playlists from MC > Playlists -- right click on any lossless playlist and choose "Upload to Cloud".

Only lossless playlists, mixes not CD's, not single artists, 50 to 100 files per playlist, minimum 5 files.

Please use a descriptive name, or at least a primary artist or genre.

You may need to click on the setting icon in the upper right corner of the Cloudplay screen and check "Only show users that have uploaded content."

Use Cloudplay files with Play Doctor

You can combine your own library with the Cloudplay library when you play. Please see this thread for more:

Cloudplay Meets Play Doctor


Cloudplay has a page in MC Options, where you can set files to include or exclude. These settings affect both Cloudplay and Radio JRiver.

You can view new or popular playlists or users by clicking on the menu icon in the upper right corner.


Please use this thread:,120167.0.html

Old threads:,119839.0.html and,119651.0.html