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Carnac is a feature that fills empty tag fields by using other available information about the file. It does not alter existing tags. It is most useful for videos since video files seldom have tags.

Carnac was added in MC17.

When Carnac Runs

Carnac is an extension of tag reading. When reading tags from a file on a fresh import, or when doing Update Library (from tags), Carnac will be used to fill empty fields. It makes no changes to fields that are present in the tag. It only fills empty fields.

You can also run Carnac manually by using Library Tools > Fill Properties From Filename and selecting 'Automatic' as the method. In this mode, Carnac will overwrite existing fields (instead of only empty fields). A full preview of changes is available in the tool.

Carnac and Audio

Carnac currently understand the following naming schemes for audio files:

[Artist] - [Album] - [Track #] - [Name]
[Track #] - [Name]


A filename like "Seinfeld S02E05 The Apartment.mkv" should fill:

  • Series: Seinfeld
  • Season: 2
  • Episode: 5
  • Name: The Apartment

A video in the miniDV format is considered a Home Video.

A video that's 2 hours long should be considered a Movie.

False Positives / Tuning

Carnac tries to be certain before filling a tag.

If you encounter a common filename that doesn't get tagged correctly, please report it on Interact. Please include a full filename (including path), codec, duration, and other information about the file.