CD and DVD Burning Settings

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(Action Window > Burn CD or DVD > Options > Burn Settings, or Tools > Options > CD Writer)


Lists the writable drives detected on your computer (CD-ROM, DVD) which can be used to write CDs or DVDs. If your writable drive is not listed, click the Detect button and Media Center will scan your system.

Write Speed

The CD write speed. The drop-down menu will list the available write speeds for your burner (for example, 1x to 32x). Some computer systems cannot handle the top speed of a CD writer so if you experience problems, the first thing to try is to lower your writing speed.

General Options

  • Test Mode. If this option is checked, the program will test the CD writing process without actually writing to the disk.
  • Eject After Write. If this option is checked, the CD is ejected when complete.
  • Play Sound After Write. If this is checked, you will be alerted when the writing process is over.

Audio CD Options

  • Decode Files Directly To CD. When checked, files will are decoded and burned to the CD simultaneously. If this is not checked, mp3 files are converted to WAV format prior to the start of the burn process. Decoding and burning simultaneously puts more of a burden on your CPU, so if you are having problems with the burn failing part way through, uncheck this option. Note that if you select the normalization feature (See Encoding Settings) this checkbox will have no effect since all files need conversion to WAV in that case.
  • Write CD-Text. If your burner supports it, special "CD-Text" information will be burned onto audio CDs. This consists of the CD title and the track names, which will then be displayed on home or auto CD players that support this feature.
  • Apply Cross-Fade and DSP Effects to the CD. Select this when you want to apply any of the following effects to your music as it is being copied to the cd.
    • Transitions between tracks (you can also specify the duration of the transition.
    • DSP/Equalizer/Effects. See Audio Analysis for more information.
  • Decode Files Directly to CD. This option appears here again. When you selected Audio CD Effects, you may have noticed a dialog box explaining that this option was disabled because a confliction option was selected. If that is the case, you can uncheck the conflicting option here, and check Decode directly to CD again
  • Omit Silent Sections (Leading, Trailing, and Inside Song). This will rip your tracks without the silences between tracks, and without large (several seconds) silences within the tracks. This cannot be used with decode-on-the-fly.