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To Access CD Settings go to Tools > Options > CD.

Audio CD

  • Enable on-line CD Lookup. This is on by default. It allows Media Center to use an on-line database (YADB) to get artist, title, track, credit, and other information about the CDs you play, and populate the various Media Center fields accordingly. Those fields will also be saved to the files themselves if you have enabled ID3 tag saving. The YADB service is free and automatic.
  • Use Digital Playback. Play audio CDs in either digital or analog mode. In analog mode, there must be a cable connected from your CD drive to your sound card. If your drive is capable of it, it is usually preferable to select "digital playback", which allows you to use the Equalizer and view Visualizations.

Note: The Visualization, Equalizer/DSP and Playback Mode (cross fade, for example) functions all require digital playback. If you are having problems playing back your CDs, try disabling "Use digital playback". This will often fix the problem.

CD Ripping

These options control the CD Copying ("ripping") process:

  • Analyze your audio files for replay gain, BMPs and intensity after ripping a CD. See Audio Analysis for more information.
  • Eject the CD after ripping.
  • Enable auto-rip mode. In this mode, Media Center immediately starts ripping a CD when it is inserted into any CD drive. This is handy if you are ripping a stack of CD's. Every time you see a tray pop out following a rip, you just place the next CD to be ripped in the tray and re-insert it.
  • Get cover art from Internet after ripping. Files will be placed in the cover art directory specified in Tools > Options > File Location > Track Images Location.
  • Play a sound when ripping is finished. You can browse for a particular sound.
  • Advanced Ripping Options. This opens the Advanced CD Ripping Settings window for each device detected by Media Center.

Media Insert (requires auto-run)

Set program behavior when Media Center detects an Audio CD or a DVD in your drive.