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Media Center occasionally encounters files that it can not import. Often this is because the file is corrupt.

Instead of trying to analyze these files over and over, the program marks them as 'bad' so that it can ignore them in the future.

When running an Auto-Import, the summary may report something like 'Skipped 4 files previously determined to be bad.'

Viewing these files

You can view the files marked as bad by creating a simple Smartlist. Follow these steps:

  • Add a Smartlist by pressing (F9)
  • Click Import / Export
  • Type or copy in this expression in the window:
  • ~d=b
  • Click OK
  • Click OK

You will see a list of any files marked as bad. To force the program to analyze these files again, select the files, right-click, and pick Library Tools > Update Library (from tags).

If the program is able to analyze the files, they will be moved from the bad location into the main library.