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[[Category:Frequently Asked Questions]]
[[Category:Frequently Asked Questions]]

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The following codecs are supported by MC:

The following playlist formats are supported by MC

  • Audio Playlists (m3u, pls, xpl, bpl)
  • Media playlists (mpl)
  • MusicEx media (jmx)
  • Windows Media (asx, asf, wm)
  • RealMedia (rm, rp, rmm, rmx, smi, smil, rmj)
  • iTunes playlists can be imported

Complete list of formats: m4a m4p m4b aac ac3 aif aifc aiff au snd aa cda dts flac mka mid midi rim rmid ape apl mac mpc mp+ mp3 mpa mpga jmx ogg ram ra wav raw wv wma wax (36)