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Advanced Import Options When you import files, you create a library. The import/update library function can update that library automatically in a number of ways:

  • Fix or Remove Broken Links. If you move files in Windows Explorer, Media Center no longer knows where they are (try to always move files from within Media Center). The files will still appear in your library, but their path will no longer be correct, and the files will not play. Selecting this option looks at all of the folders you have selected under Search, and if the files were moved into one of those folders, then the path will be corrected in your library. If they do not appear in those folders, then the files will be removed from your library.
  • Update Library for external file change. This works in conjunction with Fix or Remove Broken Links above, and updates your library accordingly.
  • Exclude Files Previously Removed from Library. Files you may have removed from your library will be skipped when you perform another search.
  • Create a Library Backup Before Making Changes. This is always recommended.
  • Build missing thumbnails.
  • Retrieve album art from the Internet. This gets album art for your tracks from the internet. Go to Tools > Options > File Location to set the location for track images.