Add and Save Web Media Stations

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You can easily save your favorite Web Media Stations.

If you stream the file directly using File > Open URL

  • Play the file and then import it into your library (right-click on it and select Import).

You can then add it a Playlist for quick access.

If you stream the file using the Web Media page

Add a station to the Web Media service, and it will be saved in the “Master List”. You can then always search for it, add it to your “My Stations” list, or add it to your database by putting it into a Playlist.

Before adding a new station, check that the station is not already included in the Media Center “Master List”. In the “All Stations” box, enter the station name and select Search.

Any station you add will be added to the database and made available to all Media Center users.

  1. Select Add a Station in the My Stations box.
  2. Complete the form and then click on the Add a Station box below the form.

Note: If you disable or delete cookies from your browser options settings, you will lose those stations saved in the My Stations list. A more permanent way to save stations is to add them to a playlist that you create.