Add a custom view scheme group to Media Center's tree

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Adding a custom view scheme group to the tree

Why would you do this?

By default, MEDIA CENTER does not provide a means for the user to list all media types within a single view scheme. It does, however, provide a little known path for adding our own root tree items, which can, if we want, show the entire contents of the library in one place.

How would you do this?

To add a custom root tree item, start by selecting a 'non library' tree item such as Playing Now or Start. Next, click on 'Edit' in the top toolbar. (Where you see File | Edit | View | Player | Tools | Help ) From the edit list, click on "Add View Scheme" to launch the "Edit View Scheme" dialogue box, and then fill it out as desired. If you leave "Step 4" empty, the resulting view scheme will list every file present in your library. Once you're done, click the OK button and see your new view scheme appear in the tree.

Other Possibilities

It is possible to use this method to add a CD catalogue view to your tree by making use of MEDIA CENTER's cd/dvd database