View File Properties (Tags and Statistics)

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To view a file's properties (including tag information, image/cover art, and statistics), select the file, open the Action Window and select File Properties. Choose what you would like to view:

  • Tag Info. The Tag Info window is divided into various expandable headings, the first of which is "Visible Columns". Those same columns are visible in the content pane. Simply expand or collapse each of the column headings in the Action Window to view more details.
  • File Type Info. This displays the file's compression type, copyright information, and tag information. Use this to quickly see which tags are contained in the file.
  • Image. This displays the image associated with the file. Right-click to open tools, for more options specific to images.
  • File Playlists. This will display a list of all your playlists. Those with checkmarks indicate the playlists that include the currently selected files.
  • Statistics. View and print a wide variety of statistical information about your file. To print, select an item form the list below, and right-click in the Action Window:
    • Overview (# of files, duration, etc)
    • Artist-Album: displays the number of files selected from each Artist-Album.
    • Albums: displays the number of selected files that are in the albums.
    • Rating Breakdown: displays the rating of all selected files.