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Media Center's Search Bar is powerful and easy to access.

Searching is easy. The Search Bar is always available in Standard View for quick access. The search is "live" and shows results as you type.

The search bar searches within the files currently displayed. So, if you are viewing all of your Audio files, then the search results will only contain audio files. If you've filtered the list (using Categories or Panes) to only show a particular Artist's tracks, then the search will only show results within that Artist.

The Search Bar also contains a wizard that allows you to quickly construct complex searches, retains a history of your last few searches, and makes suggestions for common searches. The Wizard behaves identically to the Edit Smartlist dialog, so refer to the Smartlists article for further details. For information about search terms and conditions, refer to the Search Language article.


  • To quickly navigate to the search bar, hit Ctrl+F.
  • To search, select a relevant Media View, Smartlist, or Playlist then type in your search terms
  • Click on the arrow in the Search bar to use the Wizard, and access additional options.
  • With the cursor in the Search bar, press Shift+Escape to clear the box, or click on the Search Bar arrow and select Clear.
  • To play the search results, type Control+Enter with the cursor in the search bar.
  • You can also enter searches using Media Center's powerful Search Language.