Playback Range

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User-defined cue-in/cue-out points (A-B Playback) may be defined through the use of an audio or video file's [Playback Range] field.

To set the cue-in/cue-out times for an audio or video file, set the in and out times of the item's [Playback Range] field in the following form:

<cue-in time> - <cue-out time>

where the cue-in and cue-out times are specified by any of:

  • milliseconds (e.g. 82000)
  • minutes:seconds (e.g. 3:21)
  • minutes:seconds.decimal (3:21.3902013)


1:22 - 3:21
1:22.343344 - 3:21.3902013

To loop between the cue-in and cue-out point, set Playback Repeat to Repeat Current Item.

Note: Be sure to disable the track's auto-bookmark feature by setting the value of the [Use Bookmarking] field to No.

The [Playback Range] setting is honored when creating video thumbnails.

Media Center 14.0.55 introduced support for user-defined [Playback Range] for audio.

Media Center 16.0.148 extended support of [Playback Range] to video.

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