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Deprecated: This content has been deprecated as of MC 19.0.25 and may no longer be valid. Please refer to User accounts for additional details.

With Access Control, you can exclude files from displaying in your library.

Setup a Password

Set up a password.

  1. Go to View > Access Control.
  2. Type in a user-name and password. If you leave the password field blank and just press the Enter key, you will not have to login to use Access Control from that point forward.

Create Filters

  1. Open Access Control (View > Access Control).
  2. Login if required.
  3. Place a checkmark next to "Enable Access Control".
  4. Select Advanced, then select the arrow on the left of the Search box and choose the elements you want filtered (genre=Christmas, for example). See Smartlist and Search - Rules and Modifiers for details about the rules.
  5. At the bottom of the selection box next to "Do what with the selection", select Exclude and OK.
  6. Select OK again to begin filtering.

Edit a Filter

  1. Open Access Control (View > Access Control).
  2. To edit the current selection, click on it and select one of the edit options.
  3. To remove the filter and create a new one, click on the filter and select Remove. Create a new filter.

Default Filters

Media Center comes with two default filters for Access Rating

  • Prevent Access to Ratings: PG-13, R, NC-17, Adult
  • Prevent Access to Ratings: R, NC-17, Adult

To apply these rules:

  1. Open Access Control (View > Access Control).
  2. Login if required.
  3. If there is already a filter applied, remove it (click on it and select Remove). Then select the Advanced button until the box turns white and you see ((Custom)).
  4. Make sure Enable access control is selected.
  5. Click on the arrow to the right of the box and select one of the two default filters.
  6. Select OK. The filter is applied.

Edit the tag information in the files you want to filter

If the files do not already contain the tags for the fields you want to filter, you will have to update the tags in the files.

  1. Select the appropriate Media Mode button (Audio, Images, Video) or select the media type in the tree.
  2. Select the files to be rated.
  3. Right-click and select Tag Info.
  4. In the Action Window (bottom left of the screen) browse to the Access Rating field (it is under the Extended column), and enter a rating for all the files. That rating will be applied to all selected files, so you may want to only select the R files, and then repeat for the PG-13 files, etc.